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Premium Delivery Robot

The latest delivery robot designed by Pudu, BellaBot inherits the outstanding characteristics
of the previous generation, while being endowed with superior human-Robot interaction capabilities. Featuring an innovative bionic design language, cute modeling, multi-modal interaction and many other new functions, BellaBot provides users with an unprecedented
food delivery robot experience.



Machine dimension              565 x 537 x 1290mm

Robot weight                             55kg

Machine material                  ABS/Aviation-grade aluminum alloy

Charging time                          4.5hrs

Battery life                                  12-24 hrs (Replaceable Battery)

Safety                                            Speed: 0.5-1.2m/s (Adjustable)
                                                           Climbing angle: ≤ 5°

Load capacity                          Max 40kg, 10kg/tray

Positioning method             Marker Positioning: Supports a maximum
                                                           height of 8 meters (optional high-level code)
                                                           Laser Positioning: Code-free with no height


Industry-exclusive Dual SLAM Solution for Full Coverage in Any Scenario

BellaBot supports both Laser SLAM and Visual SLAM positioning and navigation solutions in order to adapt to more scenarios. Both of which are accurate and easy to use. Both positioning solutions which BellaBot offers provides the same excellent user experience. While the positioning solutions differ, BellaBot's customer-centered service never changes.

Visual SLAM


Laser SLAM


Design Aesthetics

BellaBot adopts an innovative bionic design. The bionic design is just perfect from the height of the machine body to the screen tilt, and to the shape curve.


3D Omnidirectional Obstacle Avoidance

In pursuit of higher safety, BellaBot is equipped with 3D sensors and a new modular chassis. It can stop at any angle and move away as soon as it encounters obstacles.


Light Interaction

Different task status trigger corresponding light effect interactions, making the status indication clearer.


Smart Expressions

There are dozens of exclusive original expressions, which make the emotional expression of BellaBot more diverse, and make you feel more real "Cat".

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