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AI Greeting Robot

Master of Greeting & Leading

The powerful voice function and large interactive screen are perfect for a variety of reception needs, and the smaller body is more flexible to cover a greater range of scenarios. Mini provides customers an unparalleled service experience.




Overall Size                                 1000 x 410 x 410mm

Robot weight                             21kg

Machine material                  Aviation aluminum; High Strength PC+ABS

                                                           (Food Grade Plastic Material)

Charging time                          3.5hrs

Battery life                                  10-12 hrs

Safety                                            Speed: 0.5-1.2m/s (Adjustable)

Charging Mode                       Charging Dock


Screen Size                                 14 inch; 1080P

Powerful Interactive Capabilities

Specialized developed voice and visual capabilities guarantee a first-class interactive experience. Mini detects the presence of people and takes the initiative to greet and interact with them.


Reliable Passability

With a minimum channel chassis diameter of 55cm, Mini is guaranteed to operate flexibly in small spaces.


Multi-Robot Cooperation

When the paths of more than one Mini intersect, intelligent priority numbering allows them to avoid collision without the need for human intervention.


HD Wide-Angle Dual Camera

With 48 million pixels, Mini can boast the industry’s clearest vision. Light input exceeds that of a normal camera by 400%, and its night vision capabilities are even more impressive.

Equipped With Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-Core CPU

The world"s first robot developed on the Qualcomm platform with one of the most powerful SOC chips in Android and industry-leading performance.


Advanced Mini Chassis

Based on ORION STAR’s strong chassis R&D capabilities and more than 30,000 application cases, we have souped Mini up with an even more powerful, exclusive mobile chassis and a combination of lidar and depth camera for accurate route navigation and smart close-following capabilities.


Self-charging, Cycle Service

When power drops below 10%, Mini automatically returns to the charger.Non-stop work, 24/7.

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