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Smart Delivery Robot Service 

PDT Robotics LLC is a robotics company based in Atlanta, Georgia. PDT Robotics provides business intelligence robots services. PDT Robotics robots are widely used in Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Schools, Office Buildings, Government Halls, Subway Stations, Retirement Centers, Waiting rooms, etc.

Powered by core technologies in positioning and navigation, motion control, multiple-robot dispatching, obstacle detection and avoidance, NVH, intelligent interaction, and automated simulation testing. These Robots also have more than 600 patents.

About PDT Robotics

Who We Are

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What We do 

Our Robots Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs
Attract Customers

With large ad display and AI Voice Interaction, robots can attract more customers' attention.


The robot can lead customers to their dinning tables alone. It can reduce staffs' work and bring a much better experience to customers.

Return Dishes

With 40-60kg carrying capacity, Robots can finish multiple returning tasks in one delivery mission. 


The 18.5-inch screen of KettyBot can display the in-store promotion effectively. Cruise mode can serve customers in waiting section.

Birthday Mode

With customized AD content, robots can deliver the birthday surprise to the designated table while singing birthday song.

Food Delivery

Deliver the customer’s dishes from kitchen to the designated table.

It reduces staffs' repetitive work and solves the problem of staff shortage.

Our Videos 

Robot Hosting/Escorting Mode!

Bella delivering the food to the customer!

Bella and Ketty working together!

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Customer Testimonial 

"Old people and children love Bella! Our restaurant has become an online sensation in town. A lot of people come here." 
- Gugu Asian Table

"More return customer!"
- Sushi Factory

"Very helpful! when the restaurant are understaffed"
- IKKO Japanese Cuisine

"Bella is family fun!"
- Yummy Cafe

"a huge reduce on staff workload!"
- Nine Spice Fondue

"It's so effective and convenient."
- The Juicy ClawFish

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